Integrating centres into our own.
Strengthening the transition process.
Since 1981.

The Oz Education Group skilfully acquires and integrates centres into the organisation, building upon relations with esteemed childcare operators in Australia.  Using sensitive change management together with controlled transition processes, our acquisitions are met with precision and professionalism. This allows for centre operators to be assured of their decision and provides practical support to stakeholders ranging from employees, customers, suppliers and more.

We strengthen an operator’s ability to vend their centre efficiently by leading the legislative approval and license procedures with authorities, and delivering on regulatory and operational transfer obligations to ensure a measured approach to the settlement process.

Our preliminary preferred criteria for property/land opportunities and operating centres include:

  • Minimum 800m² land size
  • DA approval for childcare use
  • Minimum 60 approved places
  • Close-immediate vicinity of medium-high density residential zones
  • Close proximity of local primary schools
  • Road and transport connectivity
  • Community and prospective marketing exposure

*Independent exceptions made at Oz Education Group discretion.

Speak with us about how we can facilitate the proficient acquisition of your centre into our organisation.