About Us

Combining expertise with excellence.
Since 1981.


Founded in 1981 as an entrepreneurial childcare venture, unique to what was popular in that period, Oz Education was established to prepare children for formal schooling – atypical to the general day-care style of the time. Continuing the ambition to deliver excellence in education, the development and acquisition of additional early learning centres enriched the vision and portfolio of the group in the following years.

Withstanding time, the cornerstone of Oz Education Group is creating increased value in building and land assets, through transforming properties into distinguished education facilities. The Group has the advantage of actively operating its own early learning centres, and procuring others into the group, creating a benefit for all involved by facilitating and supporting all parties through legislative, establishment, transitional and operational processes with the experience that emanates from managing active centres.

The team behind the Oz Education Group continues to pursue and achieve distinction by harmonising the property and education sectors, creating speciality assets since 1981. An alliance of business, finance, property, design, operational and education professionals materialise each venture into prospering transactions.

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