Transforming properties.
Adding value to building and land assets.
Since 1981.

Creating unique value for regular properties, Oz Education Group shapes developments from building and land assets. Early learning facilities become part of thriving community hubs as distinct assets to their municipalities and provides the surrounding locality with enduring value being within proximity of this class of essential service.

Site Criteria

  • Minimum 800m² land size
  • DA approval for childcare use
  • Minimum 60 approved places
  • Close-immediate vicinity of medium-high density residential zones
  • Close proximity of local primary schools
  • Road and transport connectivity
  • Community and prospective marketing exposure

If you are a property developer or land owner, explore both options below and view our Projects and current operations.

Property Development

The Oz Education Group intentionally connects with select property developers for the precise planning, design and construction of our centres. Throughout each stage of a build, our management team are available for networking and consultation in ample specialty areas to ensure prompt, focused attention for a constructive partnership. Following the key construction phase, our team work with the preferred developer toward crafting a quality establishment which forms the foundations for a thriving centre. We add value to a premise by transforming a building into an exceptional learning facility. Creating value for the developer as a distinct, specialty property while establishing longer term tenure yields an unrivalled asset.

The Oz Education Group also enlists astute landowners who align with our ambition to transform sites into distinguished learning facilities amongst prospering communities. Taking the lead from the design stage through to a complete construction, an expertly orchestrated and specialised project enriches the relationship amongst the participating professionals and amplifies the value of properties. Joining our network of associates and collaborators delivers an opportunity for select landowners to realise further value for their asset.


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